Living an Awesome Lifestyle

You are not alone. I am sure that you too would love to wake up every morning, take a shower and go on to some amazing adventures. But, it doesn't happen.

So, why does this happen to so many people and not to others? The answer is simple. We just don't believe in ourselves. We doubt our own abilities. This is the reason we fail to reach our goals. So, the question is what are you doing about it today? It’s time that you start believing in yourself again. Let me tell you how to do it.

If you want to create an awesome lifestyle for yourself, you need to change your mindset. Think about this statement: If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it, did it really fall? In other words, if you are not aware of the positive changes happening around you, then you will never see them. This means that you must become more conscious about what you are doing.

The way to start being a better person is by creating a daily schedule.


1. They take chances and don't worry about failure too much.

2. They're willing to put in the hard work.

3. They set goals for themselves that aren't just unrealistic but impossible.

4. They constantly keep learning new things.

5. They never let fear stop them from doing what they want.

6. They use a positive mindset.

7. They believe in themselves.

8. They treat everyone with kindness.

9. They give back to their community.

10. They have a great network of friends.

11. Their relationships are strong.

12. They live the way they'd like others to.

13. They look after themselves.

14. They listen to other people.

15. They trust their instincts.

16. They have a routine.

17. They do things that make them happy.

18. They try to be healthy.

19. They stay away from drugs and alcohol.

20. They enjoy going to places where there is nothing better to do.

21. They surround themselves with positive energy.

22. They are confident about who they are and what they do.

23. They know how to relax.

24. They accept who they are.

25. They use good manners.

26. They help others.

27. They don't envy anyone else's lifestyle.

28. They are not jealous.

29. They find the best in every situation.

30. They don't compare themselves to others.

31. They do what makes them happy.

32. They have a positive attitude.

33. They live by their own rules.

34. They don't expect anything from life.

35. They understand that everything happens for a reason.

36. They love nature.

37. They are grateful.

38. They believe in karma.

39. They live a natural and organic lifestyle.


Step-by-Step Tutorial

1. Start today: Write down your goals in one sentence. For example, “I will lose weight this year.” Your goal doesn't have to be a big, long-term thing such as losing 100 pounds, but a short term, concrete goal is always better.

2. Keep your goals alive: Every week or month, go back and review your goals and write them down again. The reason for reviewing your goals regularly is to remind you of what's important in your life. It also helps keep you motivated. When the time comes to reach a new goal, you'll know exactly how to do it.

3. Be consistent: Don't make excuses about why you can't start living healthier now. Just start. Put together a plan to get started. Make your health a priority every day.

4. Change your environment: One of the easiest ways to create a positive change in your lifestyle is by changing your physical surroundings. Get rid of junk food from your kitchen, your office or wherever you spend most of your time. Replace those with fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Try to walk more often. If you work at home, use that opportunity to exercise. Take up another sport. Exercise whenever possible.

5. Find support: Achieving any goals requires motivation. Motivation is essential, but it only works when you're able to find people who are going through similar situations and have made their own successful changes. You may want to join a local gym, yoga class, weight loss group, or other type of social networking.  You might even consider joining online groups like Facebook to share tips on achieving your goals.


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3. Do I really have to do these tasks to be able to afford living with style? No, not at all! These aren't hard or expensive jobs. They're just small, easy ways to save money. You don't have to do every one to save money.

4. What are some other awesome sites/blogs out there? Another good site is This site also contains information on saving money, making extra income, and more.

5. What are the different types of blogs? Blogs are personal journals, often written by people who share their experiences and knowledge. Some bloggers write about how to deal with family problems, while others write about travel and fashion and food.

6. What is a podcast? Podcasts are audio recordings that you download onto your computer or MP3 player. Many podcasts are interviews, but they can also include music or comedy shows.

7. How do I start a blog? You don't need any special equipment to start a blog. Just go to and create a free account. Then, you can use it for anything you want.

8. What are the top 10 blogs? The top 10 blogs that I recommend visiting regularly are:

1. - A great site for those who love to travel, learn new things, or just have fun!

2. http://www.AwesomeLifeBlogging.


In conclusion, let’s face it, we live in the 21st century. And while there are some great benefits to being able to access everything from anywhere at anytime, it’s not always practical to spend time working when you could be relaxing with friends. This is why I created The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It was a simple idea that turned into the fastest-growing lifestyle brand in Australia (and now New Zealand), all because it works. We wanted to share this magic with others so they too could enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life! So go ahead and get started on living your best, most awesome life ever!

Nurse Sarah - Keeping It Real